Although skin care is a priority for most women, it does become a last-minute task due to our permanent excuse, “there’s no time for it.”  As you cut your birthday cake each year, it’s not just your mind that is getting older, but also your skin. Our body deals with changes in hormones as we grow, which causes problems like stress and adult acne.

Your world comes crashing down when you see your classmate look younger than you at your 30th birthday bash. It is nothing but true that having great skin in your 40s is the result of taking care of and pampering your skin right from your 20s. Here’s a list of the basic skin care essentials that you must include in your beauty regime to look ravishing even as you celebrate your golden jubilee!


For any product to work its magic on your skin, your skin needs to be clean first. Cleansing liquids, cleansing wipes or even cleansing oils help clean oil residues, dirt, and smidgeons of makeup off your skin.


A good turnover rate is always good to run the show,right? The turnover rate of our skin;however, slows down with age. This means the skin needs a little extra push to toss off the build‑up of dead skin cells. Exfoliate once or twice per week or use a mild exfoliator every day if your skin feels clogged.


Nope, not just for the women with dry skin, the moisturizer is also for the women with oily skin. Moisturizers help your skin become supple and younger looking. Pro tip –It doesn’t let the dust and smoke land directly on your skin. 😉


Even if it is a gloomy day, don’t step out without the sunscreen. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you step out. It will keep you away from pigmentation, wrinkles, and the UV ray monster. Sunscreens will help you get those endless #sun kissed selfies without getting worried about the tan.

Hair inhibitor creams

You do not plan to wax, shave, or trim your facial hair for the rest of your life,right? Have you always looked for a reliable and cheap solution, but never found it? I guess you’ve been searching in the wrong places 😉 Try the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Cream; apply it to your skin after every wax, shave, or trim. This formula makes your hair grow thinner, smaller, and eventually casts Harry Potter’s “Evanesco” spell on them, vanishing the hair permanently. ;)The plant enzyme used in the NEUD formula acts on the hair shaft and root and curbs the unwanted hair growth process. Sounds like an ideal problem solver since it gets to the root of the problem.This plant-based product is safe even on the most sensitive skin of your body,the facial skin.

 Vitamin A creams

Carrots, sweet potatoes, winter squash;you’ll need to load up on many foods in your diet to get that vitamin-A goodness for your skin. However, it will take a while for the vitamin A to reach your skin from the food; instead,try the vitamin A cream for faster effect! Vitamin A creams target aging and sun-damaged skin. You can even try the vitamin A night cream that will heal and repair your skin while you’re asleep. In fact, apply the night cream daily before you hit the Zzzz. The cream helps soothe your face, gives you an even complexion, renews your blood cells, and most importantly, prevents sagging of your skin.

Discard the non-essential products of your vanity box and use these essential skin care products. No matter how old you are, achieve smooth, young, hair-free skin effortlessly.

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