Unwanted body hair is a common problem faced by both man and woman. In order to look good we battle with unwanted body hair regularly and try to manage it with various methods. Unwanted body hair affects our cosmetic look and glamour quotient in terms of what we can wear or not. Like if we have un-removed unwanted hair on our arms or legs then we may not choose to wear sleeveless or shorts.

We do adopt various methods to get rid of these unwanted body hair and each method has its own implications.

Some common battle techniques to fight unwanted hair include:

Hair Removal Cream and unwanted body hair:

This is a very popular method of getting rid of unwanted body hair but the harsh smell of the chemicals in hair removal cream is very difficult to stand with. Another issue with Hair Removal Cream is that the hair re-appear/re-grow too soon.

Waxing, Sugaring and Threading:

This is the most widely used but a painful technique of all, and this method has been used since long time.  For waxing or threading, the hair will grow again and we can not start this procedure again until hair is little grown.

Laser therapy and unwanted body hair:

There are lot of questions raised around the efficacy of this therapy.  The issue with laser therapy is that its an expensive procedure and you can go for a smaller patch area only. There are issues related to side effects too.

None of the above methods helps you get rid of unwanted hair permanently. But in ayurvedic system of medicines there are some herbs and ayurvedic ingredients which has the potency to remove hair permanently. Though the treatment with ayurvedic herbs take time to remove hair permanently but it is worth the use as the battle with unwanted hair can be finished permanently.

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor is such formulation which helps in getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. The advanced formulation of NEUD natural hair inhibitor contains natural ingredients and plant extracts which plays significant role in reducing the recurrence of hair growth on the body. NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor works in tandem with the above hair removal methods. It has to be used as an adjuvant therapy to Hair Removal Cream or Waxing or Laser. You have to apply NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor after removing your hair and you will notice that the hair growth is sopped. Since its an ayurvedic/herbal formulation so it takes little bit time but the results are good and it has no side effects.

If you want to win this battle against unwanted body hair then NEUD natural hair inhibitor is the most effective weapon you have.

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