While saving for a rainy day and being able to break even in anything we do is the motto of every human, women inexplicably end up penny-pinching and yet deviating from their “money saving” motto all at the same time. The viral lip kit on Instagram, a new clothing line by a famous brand, and a new tote bag that’s so cool that we have to add it to our collection of more than a 1,000 bags are some of the things that make us women forget the bills completely. Adding to these expenses are the regular parlor visits almost every fortnight. And, especially, facial hair is always such a huge concern for women!

Facial Hair Removal

Thanks to the social stigma of “what will people think?” facial hair removal is of utmost importance to womankind. The outcome? Smooth, hair-free skin, validation from people that you are a woman, and shelling out a lot of money! If you actually calculate the money spent on hair removal procedures, especially facial hair removal including the eyebrows, sideburns, and upper lips, it’s quite a bomb!

Just like every drop of water makes the ocean, every visit to the parlor for just tweaking an eyebrow amounts to a significant amount in the end. However, there is a silver lining to this cloud of expenses — a natural permanent hair inhibitor cream. Just as the name says, these creams slow down or stop hair growth. Here’s why a hair inhibitor cream is a perfect accountant for the inner money-saver in you:

Hair Inhibitor Cream

A hair inhibitor cream or rather a permanent hair inhibitor cream like NEUD has a natural formula that works by:

  • Penetrating the hair follicles
  • Restricting the action of hair enzymes that stimulate hair growth
  • Slowing the hair growth process
  • Eventually leading to permanent hair reduction

Hair inhibitor creams are a savior for women. They are different from depilatory creams in that they retard the hair regrowth eventually leading to stopping it permanently. Hair inhibitor creams work by slowly reducing the thickness of the hair as well as the amount of hair growth. This means that along with the hair inhibitor cream, you will still need to wax, trim, or shave your hair for the initial few months. The hair will take longer to grow back and will be thinner each time, reducing the number of parlor visits for you. Eventually, it will lead to a stage where hair growth will stop permanently. Thus, these creams reduce the intervals between your waxing or threading routine, saving you from the agony and pain of threading or waxing and your pockets from coughing up your hard-earned money.

NEUD: The Next-Generation Natural Hair Inhibitor Cream

The NEUD formulation contains 100% natural plant extracts incorporated in an advanced formula that targets the hair root and shaft. The formula slowly puts a stop to all the activities that promote hair growth, thereby restricting the growth of those unwanted stubborn facial hair.

The ingredients in the NEUD formulation work on all skin types, which makes NEUD suitable for every woman and for all areas of the body including the underarms and bikini line. One product with three roles — saves time, pain, and money from all the hair removal routines that need to take place every 15 days. Just smear a little NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitorcream on your skin after you’ve waxed or trimmed so that it penetrates deeply, and say goodbye to facial hair! As you add the beauty products to your shopping cart this time, add a pack of NEUD Permanent Natural Hair inhibitor cream too. Go ahead and give it a try! Worth a try and worth the price!

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