NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor and everteen® Bikini Line Hair Removal Crème (Combo Pack)

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Permanent freedom from frequent hair removal

  • Get rid of unwanted facial and body hair permanently
  • Smoother and hair free skin for longer duration
  • Minimize need for hair removal and waxing
  • Stops growth of unwanted hair on face and body

Cleaner smoother Bikini line with Everteen Creme Hair Removal Bikini Line

  • Everteen creme hair remover bikini line effectively removes hair around tender bikini lines leaving skin soft & smooth



Combo pack of NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor and Everteen Creme Hair Remover Bikini Line:

NEUD natural hair inhibitor is an advanced formulation for permanent hair growth reduction of unwanted body hair. The next generation formula of NEUD natural hair inhibitor targets the roots of hair shaft and deactivates the hair bulb activities responsible for hair growth. NEUD penetrates to the level of hair follicle sac and restricts the growth of unwanted body hair. 

Everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line is specially designed for sensitive skin areas like bikini line and underarms. It is formulated with 100% natural chamomile extract. With “ No Harsh Smell” formula of Everteen, your bikini line gets soft & gentle cleaning with no itching and no irritation. It effectively removes hair without any skin burning and provides you soft & smoother bikini line

Additional information

Weight 0.495 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 11 cm


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