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  • Sale! Buy NEUD After Hair Removal Lotion from Official Brand Website

    NEUD After Hair Removal Lotion for Skin Care in Men & Women (100 gm)

    NEUD After Hair Removal Lotion is a unique skincare product that protects you from the harsh after-effects of waxing, hair removal cream, threading or shaving. Suitable for both men and women, it is enriched with jojoba oil, lavender oil, sunflower oil, aloe vera, clove oil and Vitamin E.

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  • Sale! NEUD Hair Remover Spray - 1 Pack (100ml)

    NEUD Hair Remover Spray for Men and Women – 1 Pack (100 ml)

    NEUD Hair Remover Spray is a modern and convenient method of removing hair easily, quickly and gently. Suitable for men and women, it gives you the freedom to just spray and wipe unwanted hair away! Yes, you read it right – it’s really that simple. What’s more, NEUD Hair Remover Spray helps you be party-ready in just five minutes!

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    NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor for Men & Women 1 Pack (80g)

    NEUD natural hair inhibitor is an advanced formulation for permanent hair growth reduction of unwanted body hair in men and women. The next-generation formula of NEUD natural hair inhibitor targets the roots of hair shaft and deactivates the hair bulb activities responsible for hair growth. NEUD penetrates to the level of hair follicle sac and restricts the growth of unwanted body hair.


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