No Unwanted Hair


NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor restricts the activity of enzymes at hair follicle level so that hair growth is retarded. NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor is not a depilatory cream and it does not remove hair, so it has to be used in combination with a hair removal method.

NEUD acts directly on the hair root and hair shaft so that the enzyme responsible for hair growth does not function. Therefore it is mandatory to remove hair before applying NEUD so that NEUD can penetrate deep into the skin. After removing hair ( by HRC, Waxing, Shaving), the skin pores are opened which makes way for NEUD to penetrate into the skin and restricts the growth of hair. The procedure of applying NEUD after every hair removal session has to be repeated. After each session of hair removal followed by NEUD natural hair inhibitor, your hair will grow slower and thinner leading to the stage of permanent reduction.


Unwanted hair on the visible parts of body like face, arms, and legs affects the cosmetic look of a person. Amongst all, excessive facial hair is the biggest problem faced by woman as it disturbs their perfect “Selfie’ look. Unwanted facial hair is difficult to cover up, whether you tweeze, remove, shave or wax it will keep appearing. When you are with your friends face to face or closer to them, the hair can be noticed easily. Now, you need not to worry of closer look and Zoom out your face look picture with confidence as NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor takes care of unwanted facial hair permanently.

Permanent Hair Growth Reduction By Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor

  • Get rid of unwanted facial and body hair permanently
  • Smoother and hair free skin for longer duration
  • Minimize need for hair removal and waxing
  • Stops growth of unwanted hair on face and body