Why we need Hair Inhibitor:

Body hair removal has been a huge concern, especially among women, for a long time. A survey that was done in the Washington area regarding body hair in women had some interesting findings. The results of the survey supported the theory that a woman with body hair is seen as interpersonally and sexually less attractive as compared to a woman without body hair. As per the survey, women with body hair were viewed as less sociable, happy, intelligent, or positive, and as more strong, active, and aggressive. To be honest, the survey results seem to reflect the perception of a woman with body hair in all cultures.

Frequent hair removal’s issue

Although concepts like “no body shaming” and “self-love” have been picked up in the recent years, permanent hair removal is increasingly being preferred by women. Some women use body hair removal to improve their sex appeal while some women prefer it for comfort. Some women prefer to remove body hair to be able to wear clothes like bikinis and shorts. For decades, waxing, shaving, and the use of depilatory creams or epilators have been used as the solution for removing body hair; however, these need time and the regular removal of hair. How much time would you spend at home or making unending parlor visits to repeat the arduous task of hair removal month after month? Enter hair inhibitor creams like the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor, the new trend for achieving freedom from repeated hair removal in an inexpensive manner at home. “How is a hair inhibitor cream better than my hair removal method?” you may ask. Well, let’s find out!

The NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor uses the PDR technology to stop hair growth at the follicular level; that is, it penetratesdeep into the skin, deactivates the hair bulb activities, and retards hair growth over a period of time. To allow this hair inhibitor cream to penetrate deeply into the skin and work effectively, body hair should be removed using any hair removal technique, and the hair inhibitor cream should be massaged into the skin like a moisturizer until it is absorbed. Over a few months of repeated applications, hair growth is gradually reduced until you achieve the perfectly smooth skin you always wanted.

Top benefits of hair inhibitor creams

Natural hair inhibitors such as the NEUD Hair Inhibitor have multiple advantages over hair removal methods, a select few of which have been listed below.


We all love natural products that are safe and have no side effects. Natural hair inhibitor creams such as NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor are made up of plant extracts that make them safe to use. Such hair inhibitors reach the root of the hair and restrict the growth of hair. A hair removal cream may be used to remove hair prior to the application of the inhibitor to open the pores and ensure the inhibitor penetrates deep into the skin.


Natural hair inhibitors like the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor use the penetrate, deactivate, and retard technology to inhibit hair growth. Repeat the application of the cream after every shave or wax. After a few applications, your hair will grow slower and thinner, eventually leading to the stage of permanent hair reduction. Quite effective, isn’t it?

Say bye to facial hair

This is a common problem faced by majority of girls where they have to shave, do threading for facial hair. Facial hair around lips, chin, and temple area is common sight and no girl want to compromise with their cosmetic look. These facial hair is a frequent problem but with the help of NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitors, the girls get rid of this  problem permanently.

Incredibly safe

Most hair removal methods, temporary or permanent, have some side effects or risks. E.g., laser hair removal, said to be a permanent removal method, has the risks of scarring, discoloration, or redness. However, natural hair inhibitors have no major risks or side effects, in that there are:

  • No skin problems
  • No risk of developing redness, irritation, or itchy skin after using the hair inhibitor cream
  • No more cactus effect or thick hair growth


Why spend money on a multitude of parlor or salon visits for hair removal when a solution to permanent hair reduction is right in your hands. NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor starts showing results such reduced hair growth within three months of use, and better results can be seen after 16-20 weeks of use, thus proving to be less expensive than almost all traditional and recent hair removal techniques.

Safe on all body parts

Hair removal is not done just for facial hair, it is also done for other body hair. A hair inhibitor like NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor works very well on every part of body.


Waxing can be excruciatingly painful for some. Hair inhibitor creams are a painless and quick method to inhibit the growth of hair on your body permanently. You do not have to go through the pain of using waxing strips or razor cuts once the hair inhibition process starts.

Go ahead, cross out hair removal from your beauty regimen. Say goodbye to body hair safely and permanently with natural hair inhibitors like the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor cream and live life hair‑free and stress-free naturally.

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