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‘I saw a visible difference in hair growth as the hair inhibitor acts like a moisturizer that slows down the hair growth. I felt a lesser and lesser need for hair removal as first it slows down the growth and secondly, it makes your skin smooth and silky since it is made of 100% natural ingredients and is safe for all skin types.


I’m seeing appealing results. The hair are very light and almost gone. They are not prickly either and have definitely minimised the number of times I need to wax or opt for threading. I love how my skin remains smooth for a longer duration.

Dr. Farhat Sultana

NEUD is definitely something that should be owned by every woman. It gives us the liberty from period painful methods of hair removal every month and has become a quintessential product for my everyday life. My skin now looks softer, smoother and cleaner. Highly recommend NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor.


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