What could be better than your favorite red lipstick made with a natural dye prepared from fresh rose petals without a single unit of any chemical in it? If only we could prepare fresh make-up products from flowers and herbs, we would be looking and feeling glamorous all day minus the side effects. Especially when it comes to using beauty products for regular or daily use, natural products are a great choice as they protect the skin and do not disturb its delicateness. One such beauty product that has increasingly become a staple in almost everybody’s beauty regimen is the hair inhibitor cream.

Natural Hair Inhibitors:Godsend For All Hair Removal Woe

If you are new to this product, hair growth inhibitor creams are products that gradually put a stop to your hair growth process. This means, no “ouch” from the waxing strips or hot wax, no cuts and nicks from shaving and no irksome feelings of getting the hair bumps back even after spending your hard‑earned money on hair removal products or trips to the parlor.

As robust and super-useful as these creams sound, you might wonder if they are harsh on your skin. Well, some hair inhibitor creams do have chemicals which may have side effects, but others like the NEUD natural hair inhibitor cream could not be more safer. The NEUD natural hair inhibitor cream also has other benefits such as:

Guaranteed Result

You might think, “No harsh chemicals and 100% effective” is unreal, but NEUD hair inhibitor cream is natural and quite effective. This product seeps into the roots of the hair follicles, which means it shuts down the hair growth process right at the root level. And guess what? All of this with natural plant extracts and enzymes! Just apply the cream after a shave or wax and watch your hair re-growth diminish within a few applications.

Safe For Facial Hair Removal

The experience of removing hair from your arms is definitely not the same as removing hair from your face. Facial skin is much more sensitive than our body, which is why the “ouch” gets louder while grooming your upper lips or sideburns. The next time you get your facial hair removed, apply NEUD natural hair inhibitor cream on the shaved or waxed area. The intervals between your facial hair removal sessions will increase significantly over time, and you can ace those selfies anytime, anywhere.

Suitable For All Skin Types

Waxing or using razors can be a dreadful experience if you have dry, sensitive skin. Hunting for a shaving cream or wax that suits your skin type is another addition to the myriads of hair removal problems. As NEUD hair inhibitor cream is made with natural plant extracts, it is suitable for all skin types. It is even ideal for men. So men, if you aim to have a clean shave at all times, the NEUD hair inhibitor cream is definitely a win-win for you.

Easy On Your Pockets

Subtracting the cost of umpteen hair removal products and numerous parlor visits from your expenses will probably make you a rich person. The ideal way to achieve this would be halting hair growth altogether. However, permanent hair removal methods like laser hair removal, intense pulsed light treatments, and electrolysis are even costlier and have no guaranteed results. NEUD hair removal cream does not just give you permanent hair removal but is economical too. After every application of the NEUD hair inhibitor cream, you will notice that the hair that grows back is thinner and sparser, requiring reduced use of waxing strips and shaving blades. So, add NEUD natural hair inhibitor cream to your grooming products and subtract the waxing and shaving items from your list soon. Save the time, money, and your skin from all the torturous hair removal techniques. Bid farewell to your body hair and be hair-free with a natural and permanent solution — NEUD natural hair inhibitor cream.




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